With our deep-rooted experience in the healthcare industry, we understand your everyday challenges!

Our objective is to take over where you lack the time to go into the details of your marketing deliverables. In terms of design, we advocate a minimalistic and modern approach, but when faced with extensive branding guidelines, we will still find that creative edge to work within the confining boundaries.

We are not looking to be yet another communication agency. We want to be your partner in crime! Let’s create some extraordinary projects...



We value honest communication. Transparency is what you can expect from this company and it’s designers.

We are all about building long-term relationships, this is how a customer connects to a brand.



We are a powerful mix of nationalities, each bringing a different perspective to any project we undertake. The international orientation we have, creates value and a competitive edge that is quite unique.

We are a collaborative design force, where everyone wins.


If you meet her in person, there is no need for an introduction, because she is exactly what she appears to be: a sparkling, always smiling and enthusiastic creative.

Driven by the need to help you out. Whenever she senses she can ease your life, she will not hesitate. It is not by coincidence that she named her agency NoBS, as in ‘No BullShit’, because that is exactly what she embodies. If you’re looking for someone to ‘talk along’ with you, she might not be the best partner for you. If you’re looking to be challenged and to get an outcome you would never have dreamed of, call her.

By nature she looks for the perfect marriage between creativity and meeting the client's needs. Due to her perfectionism, you will never be disappointed with what you get. On the contrary, she will always add a dose of her expertise on top of what you expected. She has built a divers team of complementary experts, enabling her to offer you a wide range of services. Therefore her team is able to meet most of your needs.


Marie is a well-experienced marketeer. She has built her expertise over the last 15 years in several pharmaceutical companies. Having been brand manager and marketing manager in midsize and big companies, responsible for drugs and nutraceuticals, for reimbursed and non-reimbursed products, she can offer a broad range of experience in the healthcare and life science industry.

Now she feels ready to add value to the No Bs team. How to describe Marie? She is authentic. What you see is what you get. Marie masters the rare combination of being strategically smart and operationally strong. There will be no negative surprises, what is promised will be delivered. Keep it simple and smart is her motto.

By joining No*BS she wants to develop herself further and in the same time she would like to use her expertise to help you out.


Jelmer is in the pursuit to create MORE, as a freelance designer he had the opportunity to work with all kinds of brands, from designing a local restaurant logo to creating the key visual for a global client.

Now he is part of the No*Bs design team. Having a ‘Less is More’ mentality he’s able to give every project a modern look and feel. By removing distractions the message becomes evident, even in the most complex projects. However, ‘Less’ doesn’t mean boring. Design should be engaging and have an invisible logic, to be able to stand out in this world of visual overload.

In his mission to create more, he challenged himself to be a maker in this digital era and now calls himself a novice potter. Although still much to learn, the same design ethics are applied in this new-found passion.


Born to a secret military city at the collapse of USSR and raised by a balalaika-playing wood carver, Yegor is all about creating visual experiences that will take you off the beaten path.

He roasts his coffee light, prefers his beer deep dark, listens to non-music and can work with a variety of mediums, be that oil on canvas or polygons in a virtual world (though most of the time it’s something in between and not as fancy).

Among core ideas behind his endeavors are straightforward communication, multidisciplinary approach and remote work coupled with strong work ethics.


A true and open-minded cosmopolitan with a touch of wild genius, idealism and perfectionism.

Maud Giuliato was born in Africa from Italo-French descent, never gets scared refreshing her concepts or challenging her limits... without loosing focus.

Loves life, her family, her job, traveling, food, music and cats.


I dream – “I have a vision of world where small entrepreneurs form a small circle of dedicated partners in order to create extraordinary projects.”

I Distill – “Stemming from a long career in medical devices in large companies, I like to take the quick route to getting things done now” . Tedious processes kill efficiency and creative workarounds. We ‘try’ to be clever about how much processes we use to get to that end goal.”

I paint – Seeing and then interpreting what you see, giving reality a personal spin in terms of colours, design, topics. This essentially describes the process that we go through when working with a customer. We listen, we take in, we summarize, sketch, collaborate, plan and get a project to the delivery phase. Add lots of humour to this process and that’s what you can expect from us.

WE are NOT
just your AVERAGE communication

Medical Expertise

We provide tailor-made solutions rooted in an extensive healthcare industry experience. We understand the challenges you face.


We will add our personal twist to each project. Our creative approach to tell a meaningful story, is always fresh & fun.


We are dedicated to understanding your needs and your client’s needs. We will challenge you when needed and accompany you where appropriate.

Added Value

We make our clients proud and confident, we will make your life easier … you can rely on us to make sure your project is of the highest quality.

Project 001

Launch plan & communication strategy for burnout, brand and concept development, online & offline tools (web development by Ju'Cee our sister company).

Project 002

Reactivate Magazine: Medical magazine for general practitioners with articles/interviews on different burnout related topics. Content development, medical writing, layout & project management from A to Z.

Project 003

Patient brochure about burnout.

Project 004

Medical writing and content development.

Project 005

New website for Grintax, developed in collaboration with Ju'Cee, our sister company. Marketing Launch Plan and all marketing deliverables for Grintax developed by No*BS.

Project 006

POS materials for patients in waiting rooms and pharmacists.

Project 007

Patient-Physician communication tool on MS and possible treatments.

Project 008

Branding & Logo development for a small company in collaboration with Ju'Cee our sister company.

Project 009

Logo development & theme for a sales meeting.

Project 010

Personal gift for the departure of a colleague, manually bound book with quotes, recipes, messages etc.

Project 011

New logo & branding development, communication strategy online & offline with different POS materials. Custom-built Drupal web platform in collaboration with Ju'Cee, our sister company.

Project 012


Interested in creating some extraordinary projects?


OR …

Come and join us for an informal talk, a get-to-know each other chat with a cup of coffee… You are more than welcome!


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